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Santorini 1991 - You never forget your first time!

[...] them to be of good quality! Santorini is at the south of the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean sea in Greece. Its spreading is 76 and has a population of 7000. One of its attractions is [...]

Honor 8 Gets Cleaner, Faster, and Safer

[...] less-than-appealing interface stereotype. The Honor 8 gets a new and refresh look through an Aegean Sea blue theme that integrates pure white colors throughout the user interface (UI) and a sensory [...]

The Ultimate Dinner Date: 10 of the World’s Most Romantic Restaurants

[...] . In true Mediterranean style, all the restaurants’ terraces look out onto the stunning Aegean Sea and ooze romanticism. Ambrosía serves traditionally Greek cuisine and incredible fresh seafood [...]

Archeologists Are Planning to Sink This Ship Dozens of Times - Facts So Romantic

[...] In 1967, a team of archaeologists led by Michael Katzev dove to the bottom of the churning Aegean Sea. They were tipped off by a sponge diver who, about two years earlier, spotted something unusual [...]


Chevalier (2015) – A Critique on Men’s Pack Behavior

[...] men compares and competes with other social beings. The film opens on a beautiful cove off the Aegean Sea. Men in wet, rubber gear lurch around the shores. They observed from a distance from a luxury [...]

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