Al-Aqsa Mosque has been mentioned more than a hundred times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'Diplomacy Post' where it has more than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Al-Aqsa Mosque had the highest popularity figure in January, 2017.

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99 years since the fall of Jerusalem

[...] officials to take care of the religious places like the Holy Sepulchre and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Hoping that your treatment will also be similar…” Two days later, Allenby entered the [...]

Jordan slams Israeli ban on call to prayer in Jerusalem

[...] of the city is a violation of international law, he pointed out. The call to prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque, he explained, has been made for more than 1,400 years, “and will remain in place [...]

2016 Grand World Voyage, Day 96, Ashdod, Israel (Part 2 of 2)

[...] itinerary included; the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall, Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock or Al-Aqsa Mosque, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Hurva Synagogue, Zion Gate and the Via Dolorosa pilgrimage [...]

Reading CUFI's Torch

[...] to be Palestinian. It is insinuated that the murderer was motivated by claims regarding Al Aqsa Mosque being demolished or somehow partitioned. This is mentioned to say that Palestinians are [...]

PCG's Appalling Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

[...] Muslims have endured recently when Israeli authorities restricted Muslims entering Al Aqsa Mosque. That is a major reason why this round of violence began. Stephen Flurry is not explaining [...]

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