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Apostolic Palace has been mentioned less than a dozen times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'Voice from the Desert' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Apostolic Palace had the highest popularity figure in February last year.

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Pictures for the 1st Sunday in Lent, Year A (5 March 2017)

[...] (1837-1887) Jewish Sacrifice and the Temptation of Christ Fresco in Rome, Cappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City) Source:    Wikimedia Artist:      Sandro Botticelli (1444/5 to 1510) The [...]


Pope Francis ignites a revolt that will overthrow American capitalism

[...] in L’Osservatore Romano, entering into force on 1 September 2013. Given in Rome, at the Apostolic Palace, on 11 July 2013, the first of my Pontificate. [Synopsis: Church = People = Trust The [...]


Top 10 Military Spenders

[...] . Today there are only the Pontifical Swiss Guards. They are there to protect the pope and the Vatican Palace, but they are not legally speaking considered to be an army or a military force. The [...]


Checkout The 50 World's Greatest Leaders Ever In History

[...] long championed the virtues of charity and modesty, has forgone the traditional suite in the Apostolic Palace, opting instead to reside in a one-bedroom apartment in the Vatican guesthouse. 5.Narendra [...]


Vatican Tannenbaum: how 'branches green' show other shades of meaning

[...] Alpine region has donated the tree. And every year, after admiring it from his window in the Apostolic Palace, the pope has highlighted the Christian significance of the tree bedecked with lights. [...]


Iceberg Wakeboarding In Patagonia (VIDEO)

[...] wakeboard in a new dimension. Source:  redbull Related posts: Wakeboarding the Basilica Palace – Istanbul 2012 (VIDEO) Wakeboarding on Ice – Nikita Martyanov 2013 (VIDEO) [...]

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Pope Francis calls unfettered capitalism 'tyranny' and urges rich to share wealth

[...] example for austerity in the church, living in a Vatican guest house rather than the ornate Apostolic Palace, travelling in a Ford Focus, and last month suspending a bishop who spent millions of euros [...]


Famous Important World News Stories of the First Half of 2013

[...] their office from their election until death. He announced his resignation in Latin at the Apostolic Palace in the Sala del Concistoro, on the World Day of the Sick. He told the audience that he had [...]


Franklin Delano Bergoglio

[...] Office. Vatileaks reaches well into the West Wing of the Vatican’s White House, the Palazzo Apostolico. What is ahead for Papa Francesco? In early October he is to meet with the Group of Eight [...]


Great News for the 1st September 2013!!!

[...] L’Osservatore Romano, entering into force on 1 September 2013. Given in Rome, at the Apostolic Palace, on 11 July 2013, the first of my Pontificate. FRANCISCUS [...]


On Gay Priests, Pope Francis Asks, ‘Who Am I to Judge?’

[...] minutes about everything from the Vatican Bank troubles to his decision not to live in the Apostolic Palace but rather in a Vatican residence. Francis did not dodge a single question, even thanking [...]


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