Club Penguin has been mentioned more than a dozen times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'Club Penguin Reveals' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Club Penguin had the highest popularity figure in October, 2015.

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Club Penguin Holiday Party 2015 Walkthrough

[...] major event of 2015, and marks the return of Rockhopper and the Migrator. Upon logging into Club Penguin, you will be greeted by Rockhopper. Ahoy! It be time for cheer and charity. Donate to Coins [...]

The Key to Club Penguin’s Success in One Word

[...] Culture. In my opinion, Club Penguin has succeeded in making one of the most popular, profitable, and enjoyable online games of all [...]

Club Penguin Reunion Highlights

[...] As I am sure many of you were aware yesterday was Club Penguin’s 10th anniversary, and to celebrate fans of Club Penguin (including our own Mrzero3!) hosted [...]

Club Penguin Reveals: YouTube Halloween Skit Auditions

[...] know, CP Reveals is getting a new YouTube video format. This includes the occasional skit on Club Penguin, in which we would like you to star in! The skit we are having is known as The Halloween [...]

Penguin of the Week: Chingu123

[...] Hey everyone, The Club Penguin team has updated the official Club Penguin blog with a brand new penguin of the week, Chingu123. Congratulations to you! This penguin was [...]

Club Penguin Discussion – Magazine

[...] is a more logical reason than the magazine quality. There is one more unlikely option which Club Penguin cannot control. Tesco. What’s Tesco you may ask? Well, here in England, it’s a large [...]

Brazilian Easter Egg Treat! 2015 

[...] a few special things to think about-one of them being  chocolatey Easter eggs! Yum! Guess what Club Penguin Brazil does every year to celebrate Easter? They sell exclusive Easter eggs to all their [...]

Attic mysterious pictures…

[...] Club Penguin can be very creative at times, leaving us penguins puzzled about a few bizarre creations; [...]

Club Penguin Improvement Ideas

[...] What’s happening on the island Quizzes #Ask Tips Art and comics In focus Top secrets Poetry Club Penguin, please bring back the old newspaper. It would be so good! There will be more active players [...]

Club Penguin: Pi Day Event

[...] Club Penguin have released a new event taking place at the Mine, to commemorate this year’s Pi Day. For [...]

Club Penguin New Glitterpants Pin At Cove

[...] It has been two weeks since the DJ K-Dance Pin was released, so, Club Penguin has removed it and hidden a new pin around the island. This week’s new pin is the Glitterpants [...]


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