Downton has been mentioned more than a hundred times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'Media | The Guardian' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Downton had the highest popularity figure in September, 2016.

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Miss Millie’s Groom by Catherine E. Chapman

[...] and feelings. He is a likable character, though somewhat reminiscent of Tom Branson (also from Downton Abbey), although perhaps not quite as fierce in his radical beliefs. While Miss Millie’s Groom [...]

Eye-Opening Film Releases Oct 14 – the What a World! Edition – by Anne Brodie

[...] the same upper crust world as Downton, in an earlier time. Anthony Trollope’s novel of the same name highlights the strict and severe [...]

Cora: Baby Name of the Day

[...] ranks #250 or high. At the moment, Corinne sits much higher, in the 700s. Cora: Lady Grantham Downton Abbey debuted in the UK in 2010, and followed a few months later in the US. The smash hit period [...]

Her Career: Actor, Writer and Producer Roseanne Supernault

[...] TV show coming up called Jamestown. It was filmed in Budapest and it’s by the creators of Downton Abbey! This is a very exciting time for me. What is the best part of being your current [...]

Can’t Let Go of Downton Abbey? – by Anne Brodie

[...] Composer John Lunn Eases the Pain with Downton Abbey: The Ultimate Collection Two-time Emmy winning composer John Lunn has scored some of the [...]

What Modern Small Businesses Can Learn From The Downton Abbey Finale

[...] any business lessons? Even more importantly, what will you watch next, now that our beloved Downton has had its last season? [...]

Downton Abbey's Quiet Revolution

[...] love something fully and unreservedly is to acknowledge its faults and embrace it anyway. To love Downton Abbey, then, is to recognize that it was frequently one of the silliest shows broadcast on [...]

'Downton Abbey' fans deal with their grief by imaging hilarious alternate endings

[...] The UK may have said goodbye to Downton Abbey back in December but the wound is all too fresh for fans in the U.S., who bid farewell to [...]

Doctor Thorne recap: episode one – want a carnival of cleavage? This is your show

[...] Uncle Julian is back! And, just like Downton Abbey, his new period drama is awash with heaving-bosom action and cut-glass accents Uncle Julian’ [...]

Ten Noteworthy Baby Names February 2016

[...] more recent centuries. It was last big in the US in the 1920s, but the numbers suggest that the Downton effect is boosting this name in a slow, but steady way. 16 girls were named Sybil in 2004, [...]

‘Downton Abbey’ 6×06 Recap: Downtonception

[...] As cameos go, it’s no Neville Chamberlain. Yet the sixth episode of Downton Abbey’s sixth season featured a complex and compelling guest star of its own: Downton Abbey. Not [...]