Eastern Europe has been mentioned more than a thousand times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency)' where it has more than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Eastern Europe had the highest popularity figure in November, 2016.

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8 Starwood Hotels Under $100 a Night

[...] Category 1 Who cares if you can’t pronounce it? Ljubljana is one of the hottest spots in Eastern Europe at the moment, as its cheap, authentic atmosphere has created appeal for visitors looking for [...]


Life after IR: Understanding and preventing conflicts

[...] I covered the Ukraine crisis from up close and in 2015 I became head of the section covering Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. Among others we analyse political dynamics and forecast conflict [...]


The Rise Of The Deep State

[...] the color revolutions that unglued the Soviet Union by fostering opposition throughout Eastern Europe. We’re entering into a phase where a cold civil war could spring up in this country, [...]


2nd Annual SOMA Film Festival at SOPAC Features Exciting Lineup

[...] after a traumatic event, two old friends meet in an abandoned detention center in Eastern Europe where a group of radicals are occupying a CIA black site. THE EXILE / Mexico (Director: [...]


A Look Back At That Time Curious George Huffed Ether

[...] recreational drug choice for almost 100 years. It was especially beloved in Central and Eastern Europe, where it was thought of as a safe alternative to alcohol. Immigrants brought it to [...]



Leonard Fenton, Actor

[...] in a box factory when she met her husband. Both sets of grandparents were immigrants from Eastern Europe, mother’s from Riga and father’s from Lithuania, and all that generation spoke Yiddish as [...]


New Report Says Islam Will Surpass Christianity And Become The Largest Religion In The World

[...] (84%) support sharia law as official law. But in some other countries, especially in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – including Turkey (12%), Kazakhstan (10%) and Azerbaijan (8%) – [...]


Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection offering a complimentary stateroom upgrade and more

[...] 11, 18, 25; Nov 1 Grand European Discovery (2017) Aug 6, 20; Oct 15, 29 Highlights of Eastern Europe (2017) May 17; Jun 28; Jul 3; Aug 14, 23, 28; Sep 25; Oct 4, 9 India’s Golden [...]


Cherry Charters (UK)

[...] week I returned from a solo overland journey from London to Hong Kong entirely by train via Eastern Europe; the Trans Siberian express route through Russia and Mongolia, then into China. It took me 2 [...]


Trudeau's Anti-Russian Brinkmanship Could End Badly For Canada

[...] Britain, Germany and the U.S., Canada will soon lead a NATO battlegroup supposed to defend Eastern Europe from Moscow. About 450 Canadian troops are headed to Latvia while the three other NATO [...]


Two Speed Europe a Go?

[...] the option of voluntary greater integration within the EU. Emphasis on present governments. Eastern Europe is probably not going to be much enthusiastic, exacerbating the core-periphery divide. Italy' [...]



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