Green Zone has been mentioned more than a hundred times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'World news | The Guardian' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Green Zone had the highest popularity figure in February last year.

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A Dangerous Time for the Press and the Presidency

[...] , you knew the country was descending into insurgency and civil war. If you listened to the Green Zone press briefings, you may have thought Iraq, and indeed the entire Middle East, were on the cusp [...]

Iraqi Security Forces Blocked Baghdad Roads due to expected New Protest

[...] have closed all roads & bridges leading to the Tehrir Square and heavily-secured Green Zone in the Central Baghdad. The DPA reported that these steps were taken due to expected similar [...]

Rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone after protests turn violent

[...] Two rockets landed in Baghdad’s highly fortified Green Zone on Saturday night following clashes at anti-government protests that left five dead, according [...]

How the U.S. Military Sees the Anti-ISIS Fight

[...] Chinook helicopters that rose from the international airport and headed east toward the Green Zone, Carter’s entourage flew over Saddam Hussein’s al-Faw palace and its sprawling compound of [...]

Reading The Sheriff of Babylon

[...] cluster around the troops, begging candy or hurling insults. Exhausted contractors hide in the Green Zone bar getting trashed. Stolen artifacts crop up in the hands of people who have no appreciation [...]

More evidence that Israel supports ISIS and Jihadists in Syria

[...] the Syrian rebels, and sightings of IDF soldiers meeting with the Syrian opposition east of the green zone, as well as incidents when Israeli soldiers opened up the fence to allow Syrians through who [...]

Comparing personal training with #Orangetheory

[...] you could easily do for an extended period and your heart rate generally stays in the Green Zone (Base pace: Heart rate at 75-83% of the individual’s maximum) Push pace – designed to [...]

The United Nations is concerned about the clashes in Baghdad yesterday and calls for political forces to calm

[...] about the escalating clashes during demonstrations yesterday, and that once again targeted the Green Zone in Baghdad. Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq […] [...]

IS bombings across Baghdad claim at least 93

[...] Hussein. Last month, hundreds of al-Sadr’s supporters stormed the heavily fortified Green Zone in the heart of Baghdad and broke into the parliament building.Delivering a speech [...]

Cruz and Kasich out of GOP race, Trump’s national debt incoherence, and Obamacare rates to rise: US national blog roundu...

[...] a partner to defeat ISIS, a government which was unable to stop protestors storming into Baghdad’s Green Zone this week. Speaking of ISIS, is the US war against it illegal? The Atlantic looks into [...]

The viability of Iraq is now in question

[...] Attack on Baghdad’s green zone shows fragility of the state in face of sectarian divisions For 13 years, Baghdad’s green zone [...]


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