Kyoto has been mentioned more than a thousand times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'JapanTravel - Latest' where it has more than a hundred mentions. As seen in the chart below, Kyoto had the highest popularity figure in November, 2016.

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Osaka Station and a little window shopping at Daimaru

[...] After the hearty meal of crispy juicy tonkatsu at Kyoto Station, we made our way to Osaka Station. Since we had our 7 Day JR Passes, we took the JR Kyoto [...]

One of Japan’s biggest beef bowl chain begins offering low-carb meals with tofu instead of rice

[...] Losing the carbohydrates gains you a taste of Kyoto cuisine. For travelers and residents like who’re looking for a quick, tasty meal in Japan, the [...]


How Panchatantra Was Copied by World Literatures Harappan Horse Seal

[...] (1972), Leiden (1978–1986), and at Harvard (since 1986) and has held visiting appointments at Kyoto (twice), Paris (twice), and Tokyo (twice). He has been teaching Sanskrit since 1972. He is noted [...]

A Visual Diary of Japan

[...] … all of it. While I was there, I took a series of photos from three different cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Shirahama. In each town I encountered incredibly welcoming people, beautiful architecture, [...]

13 Things Every First-Timer Should Do When In Osaka

[...] into where you can find these street foods all around Osaka. #11 EXPERIENCE KAPPO Like how Kyoto has its kaiseki, Osaka takes pride in their cutting and cooking, hence making up the word ‘ [...]

BAPE Launches Special Edition T-Shirts Featuring Travis Scott and Big Sean

[...] a look at the exclusive offering above and expect the tees drop at BASEXCLUSIVE™ Aoyama, Kyoto, BAPE STORE® DSMG and BAPE’s official website in the coming weeks. Click here to view full [...]


5 Incredibly Unique Hotels in Sweden

[...] ? Check Out This List of Best Bangkok Luxury Hotels Ultimate List of Best Hotels and Resorts in Kyoto, Japan 5 Incredibly Unique Hotels in Sweden Melo Villareal [...]

From Five to Nine [Chapter 67 - Sliding Doors]

[...] . (I also have to more or less get used to this kind of address [/way of calling him]).” At the Kyoto temple, Takane suddenly sits up from his sleep. He thinks that just now in this dream, it seems [...]

World Heritage Himeji Castle Marathon 2017

[...] . The participants were only about 7000 strong. Small in comparison to races like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto etc. Nevertheless, don't let its 'smallness' fool you. It is still at par with some of the big [...]

Find The Right Travel Specialist Fast

[...] Emirates, Uzbekistan. Guides only (and small-group day tours): Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Shanghai, Tokyo More: Multiple countries; cruises Other South Pacific and Pacific Islands [...]

Azuma Sushi - Sea Food Japanese Restaurant Paper Model by Kumitatezu

[...] Kumitatezu, this is a perfect paper replika of the Azuma Sushi, a famous restaurant situated in Kyoto, Japan. Basing me only on the templates, I believe that this model is in HO scale (1/87 scale), [...]



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