Mount Kailash has been mentioned more than a dozen times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'Higher Density Blog' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Mount Kailash had the highest popularity figure in February, 2017.

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The Adiyogi Shiva in 112 Feet Statue at Isha Foundation Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

[...] of Lord Shiva and the picture that comes to mind is that of his majestic presence at Mount Kailash, in the mighty Himalayas. Think of Goddess Parvati and you remember the beautiful [...]

UID Aadhaar

A Day With Nature – Nainital #JourneyJournals

[...] to her. It is believed that when Lord Shiva was carrying her mortal remains to the Mount Kailash, the eye of the Goddess Sati had fallen here. Tibetan market: Around the temple, you can [...]

These Are Earth’s Most Powerful Energetic Points And Chakras

[...] we shift into the Age of Capricorn, the Third Eye chakra will move to Brazil. Crown Chakra: Mt. Kailas (Himalayan Mountains) Tibet Mt. Kailas is considered to be the most sacred mountain of the [...]

Temples in Bhubaneswar: A Walk Down Heritage Lane

[...] carvings are those of Lord Shiva subduing the demon king Ravana, who is seen trying to uproot Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva. The deity is also sculpted as Nataraja in various tandavas (dance [...]

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