Normandy has been mentioned more than a thousand times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel '' where it has more than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Normandy had the highest popularity figure in December, 2016.

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My travel experience at the Barrière Group hotel Du Golf in Deauville France

[...] in France, I was very happy to enjoy this experience. Deauville is a small town located in the Normandy region of France, in the northwestern part. It is probably one of the most appreciated resorts [...]

Amde Akalework: A life in leather

[...] the leather production. They arranged for me to take a crash course in their leather tannery in Normandy for a year, which allowed me to gain expertise in the leather-based work. Then I attended [...]

Immigration of Today Is the Terrorism of Tomorrow

[...] there to get a sense of that unprovoked attack on the United States; visit the cemeteries on the Normandy coast of France to witness the countless crosses Americans are buried under-their last great [...]

News story: £20 million for D-Day landings memorial

[...] The British servicemen and women who gave their lives in the D-Day landings and in the Normandy Campaign will be commemorated with a new memorial, supported by £20 million, the Prime Minister [...]

Jewish Socialist Group Cowardice Over the Zionists' Racist Attacks on Jackie Walker

[...] myself from J-Big were responsible for organising the letter and I personally sent it off from Normandy where I was on holiday! Letter in Jewish Chronicle from Jews for Jeremy - it was organised by J- [...]

France is raising drone-killing eagles

[...] imitates a real-life predator to clear property of unwelcome pests PV power hits the road in Normandy village Dutch police's drone-hunting eagles are ready for action Caught napping: First evidence [...]

Animals and Landmines Star in the Best Movies and Television This Week – Reviews by Anne Brodie

[...] the wonderful pieces he left as his legacy.  The film’s shot on location in Paris, London, Normandy, Venice and Giverny. CTV’s Cardinal, a moody police procedural shot in Sudbury and North [...]

Her Husband Disappeared 6 Weeks After They Got Married… 70 Years Later, She Learns The Truth

[...] discovered the truth: Six weeks after their marriage, Billie’s plane had been shot down over Normandy and crashed outside the town of Les Ventes. The remarkable thing, however, was that Billie died [...]

Lessons From Walter Cronkite in the Lost Art of Gravitas

[...] “D-Day Plus 20 Years” in which the anchorman and the former general returned to Normandy to record Ike’s recollection of the historic event. Twenty years later, Reagan, who [...]

Huh? High school students show overwhelming support for free speech, as long as it’s not offensive

[...] spaces on campus, and are then are likened by administrators to the soldiers buried at Normandy for their bravery. In any case, the New York Times was excited to report Tuesday on a [...]

French soldier shoots, wounds machete-wielding attacker at Paris Louvre | Reuters

[...] a terrorist context.”Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said during a visit to Bayeux in Normandy: “It appears to be an attempted attack of a terrorist nature.” The soldier who fired [...]


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