Pranayama has been mentioned less than a dozen times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'Random Acts Of Coolness | Published News' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Pranayama had the highest popularity figure in December, 2016.

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Recommended Yoga for Pregnancy and their Advantages

[...] . These are easy & without out any fear you can do them until the previous week of delivery. Pranayama To start with Pranayama sit in Padmasan or any comfortable position you like. In case you are [...]


Sri Sri University leads Yoga Day Movement in Odisha

[...] Program NCC cadets are getting training of Standing, sitting and lying down asana besides Pranayama and Meditation recommended by Union Ministry of Ayush. This Yoga training program is an attempt [...]

Ayurveda For Energy: Are You Sabotaging Your Afternoon?

[...] sipping water during meals (though fruit juice with your meal is to be avoided). Yoga and Pranayama for energy Yoga and Pranayama, rather expectedly, can have a profound impact on improving energy [...]

Meditation Education

[...] an upright postion while pursuing more mental and spiritual ventures and practices. Limb Four: Pranayama Prana is the vital life force. We obtain Prana into the body through the breath and diet, into [...]

The Art of Pranayama – Yoga Breathing Exercises

[...] One of the primary breathing exercises of Pranayama is the practice of Yoga breathing. Also known as Yogic breathing, it helps us better understand [...]

7 day Elemental Yoga Retreat in Italy, Aug 31 – Sept 6, 2014

[...] body. Christian's healing methods are very pure. He fuses traditional Thai Massage skills with Paranayama, yoga, meditation and fun!! Christian is patient and skilled at sensing each student's own [...]

Yoga For Beginners - Perfect Guide For Learning Yoga Lifestyle, Therapy & Losing Weight

[...] Chapter 8 is all about the 3 most effective breathing exercises in Pranayama, their benefits and the right way to do them. Chapter 9 focuses on the relationship between Yoga [...]

Teacher Reflection: An Invigorating Yoga Session for the Teachers!!

[...] by Ms. Mani, the Yoga Professional of Oakridge International School. She introduced us to Pranayama, Padmasana and Meditation and explained their benefits. Ms. Mani started off with Pranayama. We [...]

X4 Master of the Desert Nomads (Basic)

[...] quot;Master and quot; gives particular attention to the Asanda River and the farming village of Pramayama, which lies alongside it; the Sind Desert and the caravan tracks crossing it; and the Black [...]

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