Rivendell has been mentioned more than a hundred times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'Lord of the Rings Rings of Power on Amazon Prime News, JRR Tolkien, The H...' where it has more than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Rivendell had the highest popularity figure in December, 2016.

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How To Select A Pheasant Hunting Outfitter

[...] . Legolas first appearance was in “Fellowship of the Ring” at the council of Elrond of Rivendell where his purpose was to convey the message about the escape of Gomel from their custody, [...]


Rivendell Restaurant

[...] was the order of the day and we were soon back on the coach for our final short “hop” to Rivendell Estate. Rivendell’s motto is that they “Provide an ambience for high quality, exclusivity and [...]



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