Sim City has been mentioned more than a dozen times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'SimCity - Recent changes [en]' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Sim City had the highest popularity figure in July, 2016.

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YSK you can use Shift in Google Maps

[...] , and is that if you hold Shift while moving the mouse, the whole map becomes 3D, just like Sim City or Cities Skylines. Although if a very useless trick, it’s still amazing, and shows how amazing [...]

News: Rumor: A List of SNES VC Titles Was Found In The New 3DS’ SNES Emulator

[...] Console in Japan. Many of the titles are already known, some are not. Included in the list is Sim City, Fire Emblem, Kirby Bowl, Gradius III and Wrecking Crew 98. As of right now this is just a rumor [...]

Planetbase: They’re All Dead and It’s All My Fault.

[...] ends up having unintended consequences. It may not be for everyone (unless a brutal version of Sim City is your cup of tea) but for those of us that thrive on challenges like this it’s definitely [...]

Five reasons everyone thinks games suck now

[...] you a form letter back. Now fast forward to present day, and you just picked up the new Sim City. You hate it, you can’t connect half the time and you deeply regret ever buying it in the [...]

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