Skyfall has been mentioned more than a dozen times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'The Suits of James Bond' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Skyfall had the highest popularity figure in January, 2017.

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Q: Corduroy-Collared Suit at the Lab in Spectre

[...] should. Q’s suit is from Maison Margiela, who also made Q’s black moleskin jacket in Skyfall and Blofeld’s pale grey drawstring trousers in Spectre. The suit is made of a blend of [...]

James Bond in Oslo: George Lazenby Wearing Anthony Sinclair

[...] blue, it is actually a very dark blue. Daniel Craig’s midnight blue dinner suit in Skyfall saw the same effect on the promotional materials for that film. Mason’s dinner suit [...]

Suitings for the Setting

[...] Russia with Love, which Daniel Craig wears in a lighter tone when Bond returns to Istanbul in Skyfall. Roger Moore wears classic warm-toned mediterranean suits, not only because he spends a lot of [...]

M: The Blue Chalk Stripe Suit in Spectre

[...] a slightly more modern wardrobe for Ralph Fiennes to wear as M in Spectre than he did for him in Skyfall. The most modern of these suits is the only single-breasted suit fully seen in the film: a two- [...]

How James Bond Looks Masculine and Sophisticated in His Suits

[...] and strong in his suits. Whilst Connery’s suits work with his body, Daniel Craig’s suits in Skyfall fight against his body. They have the goal to make him look like he worked out so much that his [...]

The Great Scottish Road Trip

[...] only making shy appearances every now and then. Despite this, I got some pretty cool shots on the Skyfall road. By the time I headed off again, I was sodden. Happy, but sodden. The red dufflecoat had [...]

Sam Mendes' "Spectre" (2015): An attempted homage to the classic 007 films

[...] superspy, James Bond aka 007. Directed by British filmmaker Sam Mendes who previously directed Skyfall, Spectre marks Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as James Bond. The movie reintroduces the [...]

Should You Get A Drone?

[...] in film. The scene where James Bond chases a bad guy across the rooftops of Istanbul in Skyfall was largely shot using a camera-packing drone. There have been similar scenes filmed in [...]


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