South Australia

South Australia has been mentioned more than a thousand times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel '"Mothers Against Wind Turbines™" Phoenix Rising…' where it has more than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, South Australia had the highest popularity figure in February, 2017.

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Chaotic & Costly: Subsidised Wind Power Killing South Australian Business

[...] STOP THESE THINGS BHP being battered by SA’s wind power obsession. *** As an economy, South Australia is so far under water it’s drowning, not waving. Battered by an erratic power supply and [...]

Celebrating With All Japan Day

[...] the show would require a 3,000 kilometre (1,869 mile) round trip from Sydney to South Australia’s capital. Excuses aside, it was time to draw up some plans and get serious about [...]

‘System Black’: South Australia’s Wind Power Experiment a Costly, Abject Failure

[...] strikes more fear into the hearts of the wind industry and its political backers than ‘South Australia’. Rocketing power prices, routine load shedding and mass blackouts are the inevitable results [...]

Top 10: most epic train journeys in in the world

[...] Rail, the Ghan takes two nights and three days to make the journey from Adelaide in South Australia to Darwin in the Top End of the Northern Territory. The journey of 1,851 miles (2978 [...]

Power & Politics: Coca Cola Abandons South Australia to Escape Crippling Power Prices & Chaotic Supply

[...] migrant, is yet another victim of South Australia’s obsession with heavily subsidised and utterly meaningless wind power. Watching Gino on the [...]

Chaotic Wind Power Shunned: Coalition to Use ‘Green’ Slush Fund to Build Coal-Fired Power Plants

[...] out that its 50% RET is guaranteed to destroy jobs with the same impunity it has destroyed South Australia’s electricity grid. Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull is pushing the construction of high- [...]

South Australia’s Wind Power Debacle: Supermarkets Sacking Staff, While Sales of Portable Generators Boom

[...] have largely taken for granted. Not so in Australia’s so-called ‘wind power capital’, South Australia. These days, Croweaters count their blessings if power is delivered at all and count their [...]

The Great South African War between the ANC and the Banking Cartel

[...] washing machine to cleanse their dirty, slimy money. Then in mid 2016, the four major banks in SA shunned the Guptas, and the ANC flew into a raging fit. Suddenly all you heard coming from the ANC [...]

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