Strait of Gibraltar

Strait of Gibraltar has been mentioned more than a hundred times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'Morocco World News' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Strait of Gibraltar had the highest popularity figure in February last year.

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Record-setting Swimmer, Normand Piché, Pays LCC a Visit

[...] ; the Red Sea, from Egypt to Jordan; the Aegean Sea, from Greece to Turkey; and the Gibraltar Strait, from Spain to Morocco. Along the way, he had to contend with icy waters, sharks, [...]

Where is the lost island of Atlantis and could it be real?

[...] other words, it lies in the Atlantic Ocean beyond "the pillars of Hercules", the Strait of Gibraltar, at the mouth of the Mediterranean. "Yet it has never been found in the Atlantic, or [...]

Timeline of the Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula

[...] the attack. The same summer Alfonso of León-Castile reaches [[Tarifa]] overlooking the [[Straits of Gibraltar]]. Castile under Alfonso VI of León and Castile takes Madrid. *1084{{spaced ndash}}The [...]

Starfisher 760 Walkaround REF#231255

[...] navigation electronics including radar and AIS to ensure safe operation in the busy Straits of Gibraltar. This boat is ideal for someone still looking for a boat for the new Mid Harbours Small [...]

Pope Francis: "Every possible measure" be taken to protect young refugees who face 'many dangers'

[...] rescue service said the bodies of seven African migrants had been found dead along the Strait of Gibraltar since Friday. The latest casualty was a woman who was found dead late Saturday aboard a [...]

Better Stories, Better Travel with Alexa Meisler of 52 Perfect Days

[...] traveled around Spain with the final goal of reaching Malaga to take the ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco where we met my great aunt and uncle who were circling the globe on their 32- [...]

MIDO – OCEAN STAR Captain Caliber 80

[...]   BIG FOTO Built to withstand any storm, the Europa Point lighthouse watches over the Gibraltar Strait. Its powerful beam of light is an essential point of reference for sailors [...]

Watches 7

Lemuria Size 34 Million Square Miles Details Evidence

[...] two dialogues which are the source of the Atlantis story, the lost island was beyond the Strait of Gibraltar, in the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest portion of Atlantis was facing a region in Southwestern [...]

NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corp begins major training exercise – Spain incurs NATO’s ire for refueling Russian ships

[...] from the port of Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa, after passing through the Straits of Gibraltar on Wednesday morning, Spanish papers reported. NATO officials expect the flotilla to then [...]


The Crossing

The Crossing

[...] pile into small wooden fishing boats captained by smugglers from Tangiers across the Strait of Gibraltar, or into even smaller inflatable rafts that they self-captain from Ceuta or Melilla to the [...]

Europe’s Long War With Islam

[...] and Lebanon) into Christian Turkey. Another route was in the west, across the narrow Strait of Gibraltar (from today’s Morocco to the Iberian Peninsula). By the early 700s, Muslims crossed [...]



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