Sumatra has been mentioned more than a hundred times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome' where it has more than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Sumatra had the highest popularity figure in November, 2016.

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Aemitra Server Pulsa Elektrik All Operator Termurah

[...] berkantor di Jawa Timur, tetapi pulsa bisa digunakan diseluruh wilayah Indonesia, dari ujung Sumatra hingga [...]

Kampar and Siak rivers along with some rivers outside of Malaysia

[...] Some sort of follow up from the recently finished storytelling on Sumatera travel... Its been my practice over many years that after finishing a series of stories on a [...]

PT Telkom Akses - Staff HC Information System, Manager Operation Telkom Group March 2017

[...] in Jakarta, Telkom Akses now has 5 regional areas spread across Indonesia; regional area Sumatera, regional area Jakarta - Banten, regional area West Java - Central Java, regional area [...]

Is Indonesia ready to have Hyperloop built?

[...] to Soekarno-Hatta airport in Tangerang, major airports in Java, and major airports in Sumatra. “The airports of Java will be just [like] one terminal! Imagine what it can do for the [...]


New Openings in March 2017 Part I: New Cafes, Bars, and Hawkers 

[...] Western desserts such panna cotta, creme brulee, and waffles. The bird’s nest comes from Sumatra, Indonesia, and is cleaned with filtered water with no chemical washing or bleaching. Poke [...]

Tamraparni River Flowed in Lemuria

[...] ’s Peak and the estuary of the Gona Nadi/Kala Oya river of Northwest Sri Lanka, Java and Sumatra led to the shared application of the name for the closely connected region’s culture.The [...]

Awesome Places in Sulu Part 3

[...] -reconnaissance.html Rajah Baguinda was an Arab religious missionary from Mengangkabaw, Sumatra who arrived in Mindanao in 1390 and reinforced Islam until 1460. According to the Sulu [...]

Presenting The New Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato and Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino!

[...] favorite coffees: Ethiopian sun-dried beans with an exotic flourish of dark cherry; Aged Sumatra, loved for its syrupy body and cedary spice notes; juicy, herbal and complex coffees from [...]

Nothing To See Here…Just A Giant Python Swimming With A Small Child

[...] without having to swim with a snake, accidentally or otherwise. However, not all snakes are like Sumatra, an eight-year-old Burmese python. Sumatra has been around children and small animals her whole [...]

William Dampier: The Pirates

[...] capsizing and then, after surviving a great storm at sea, called at "Acheen" (Aceh) in Sumatra. Dampier returned to England in 1691 via the Cape of Good Hope, penniless but in possession of [...]

Natural World Heritage: A Call to Action

[...] Kakadu and logging of the Styx Valley in Australia, and forests being cleared for agriculture in Sumatra, Indonesia. This work is a call to action to save our natural world heritage. James Watson, [...]


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