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Sverdlovsk Region has been mentioned more than a dozen times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel 'TheGlobalFruit - Covering food science, food safety, quality control and ...' where it has less than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Sverdlovsk Region had the highest popularity figure in November, 2016.

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insects in films ! - mosquito bite is an accident !!!

[...] that an accident can cause a disease. In another instance reported in, a court in Sverdlovsk made it incumbent on tank maker Uralvagonzavod to accept a malarial mosquito bite as a [...]

How DNA Evidence Confirmed a Soviet Cover-Up of an Anthrax Accident

[...] It was, they said, contaminated meat. In April of 1979, people in the Soviet city of Sverdlovsk began falling mysteriously ill: fevers, coughs, vomiting. At least 66 people died. When [...]

WHY ROTHSCHILDS : really wanted the murder of Tzar Nicholas II and his whole family

[...] should be noted that Ekaterinburg, named after named after St Catherine the Great, was renamed “Sverdlovsk” in 1924 in honor of Jacob Sverdlov who gave the final order to execute the Russian Royal [...]

India-Russia Joint Statement during the Visit of President of the Russia to India: Partnership for Global Peace and Stab...

[...] between Maharashtra and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra and between Maharashtra and Sverdlovsk Region. They also encouraged their other regions and states to similarly enter into cooperative [...]

Russian Olympic Trials: Day 5 Prelims Recap

[...] .38 Mariia Astashkina, Penza: 2:29.40 Daria Chikunova, St. Petersburg: 2:30.47 Anna Belousova, Sverdlovsk: 2:30.63 Alena Efimova, KHMAO: 2:30.87 Alena Chekhovskikh, St. Petersburg: 2:30.91 Sofia [...]


Top notch music performances to at AOL World Culture Festival

[...] the exuberance and energy of Brazilian Sambha, a much-loved dance form An artist group from Sverdlovsk region of Russia will present their traditional Russian Dance A tribute by 35 renowned playback [...]

Russia holds ISIS group suspected of planning attacks in Moscow

[...] Russian nationals and citizens of Central Asian states, who were also planning attacks in the Sverdlovsk region in the Urals, the FSB said. The group was led by an Islamic State fighter who had [...]

Have a Look Inside the Ural Factory in the Ural Mountains

[...] somehow remains actual. We've got some recent photos from the IMZ-Ural factory in Irbit, the Sverdlovsk region, deep in the Ural Mountains. If anything, Ural sidecars are probably one of the most [...]

Heinrich Neuhaus plays Frédéric Chopin

[...] he was released many months later. His home and property confiscated, Neuhaus was exiled to Sverdlovsk, teaching at the Conservatory there until he was readmitted to Moscow in 1944. Neuhaus’s [...]

Young girl walks on all fours like a dog while on a leash at a Russian park

[...]  Pavel Astakhov said, ‘The representative of the children’s rights commissioner in Sverdlovsk region is sorting out the monstrous case of a girl walking on a leash.” When the story [...]

10 Narrowly Averted Disasters That Nearly Shook The World

[...] Scientists Nearly Kill An Entire Russian City – 1979 During the Cold War, the Russian city of Sverdlovsk (now known as Ekaterinburg) was suspected of being home to a Soviet bioweapons facility. [...]


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