Yunnan has been mentioned more than a hundred times throughout the RSS channels we monitor. This location appears to be especially popular on the channel '' where it has more than a dozen mentions. As seen in the chart below, Yunnan had the highest popularity figure in January last year.

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Vietnam: Bird Flu Outbreaks In Neighbouring Nations Prompt Action

[...] ). From Oct 6 last year to recent Feb 19, China recorded 425 people with A/H7N9, mostly in Yunnan and Guangxi provinces which border Vietnam. Last January, some hotbeds of A/H5N1 in poultry [...]


Where to Go in March: The Best Places to Travel

[...] bloom. And there are signs of spring in southern China—in Hong Kong, Macau, Hainan, and Yunnan. Northern China can be chilly, but the Great Wall is gorgeous with a dusting of snow.—Mary [...]

Southwest Power Pool Set US Wind Power Penetration Record of 52% on Feb 12

[...] resources are still modestly profitable. The best geothermal resources in China are in Tibet, and Yunnan and Sichuan provinces. Reuters: Toyota to Recall All 2,800 Mirai Fuel Cell Cars on The Road [...]

Where to Go in February: The Best Places to Travel

[...] ’s Guides to China 101 and Hong Kong, and contact him for the best possible trip. Yunnan Province, China Rapeseed field in Luoping Yunnan, China. Photo: WildChina By February many [...]

Wolf-Sized Otters Once Prowled Prehistoric Swamps

[...] Researchers were digging through an ancient lake bed in China’s Yunnan Province when they found a sizable fossilized skull that resembled that of a modern otter’s. [...]

Giant wolf-sized otters used to roam the earth 6 million years ago

[...] and teeth, were discovered by palaeontologists at the Shuitangba open-pit lignite mine in China's Yunnan province. The skull had been crushed during the fossilisation process, so scientists used a CT [...]

CHINA ULTRA 100 - Pu'er 100K / 50K

[...] or dirt tracks. The total elevation gain is 4832M for the 100K and 2834M for the 50K. Pu’er in Yunan is one of the most beautiful regions in China and the race goes through it at the end of dry [...]



[...] -altitude region with steady weather. Most Expensive wine made in China The winery is in Yunnan Province, the most southerly in China, hard against the borders of Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. [...]

Earthquake monitoring network set

[...] and along the so-called North-South Seismic Belt that encircles most of Sichuan, Gansu and Yunnan provinces, said Zheng Guoguang, new administrator of the China Earthquake Administration. [...]


6th January 2017 Important Daily Current Affairs

[...] . China today launched its longest bullet train 'Shangri-la of the World' from Kunming, in Yunnan Province, to Beijing. This has expanded China's high-speed train network to about 20,000 kilometres. [...]

World's Highest Bridge Opens to Traffic

[...] roster of mega-structures. The Beipanjiang Bridge links the province of Guizhou and Yunnan and is expected to reduce road travel times from Liupanshui to Xuianwei from five hours to [...]


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